Whistleblower Complaint – Your Action is Needed!



1.  Watch the video above! 

2.  After you’ve watched the video or read the complaint, we need everyone to contact the following offices and ask them 2 questions;

    1. Have they read Tim Guilfoy’s whistleblower complaint?
    2. What are they going to do about the allegations in the complaint?
      • Tennessee State Rep. Justin Lafferty, Chairman of the TN house and senate joint judiciary committee
      • Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk

3. After you have contacted the above offices, please share this video with everyone you know! Please visit our Facebook page and like/share the whistleblower post. While you are there please comment about your experience contacting the above offices. Tell anyone who has heard of Tim’s story to make sure they watch this video and share it!

Tell your friends and coworkers who haven’t heard Tim’s story to watch and share the video. This is a very real opportunity to bring Tim home soon, but we have to make our voices heard. Without our calls and emails, Tennessee officials will likely sweep this under the rug like they have been doing with Tim for a decade now. Together we can make change. Together we can help bring Tim home!

Full PDF of Whisteblower Complaint 

Please also download and listen below to Tim’s podcast “Innocence in Nashville: The Tim Guilfoy Story” (2 episodes).

Listen to Episode 1 HERE

Listen to Episode 2 HERE

Click below to download the podcast

Innocence in Nashville Pt.1

Innocence in Nashville Pt. 2

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