Proof of Innocence

State Petition for Immediate Release–Read the writ of error coram nobis (appeal with new evidence) to the trial court delivered 1/17/17 that details how the jurors made their guilty verdict using evidence not shown in trial–Read about the videos hid from Tim that were the basis of their guilty verdict

The Dates–Tim’s alibi evidence for the dates of the accusations

5 Most FAQ – Examine the motives the accusers had to get Tim in jail as fast as possible in March of 2009, and use your own logic to sort through who is telling the truth and who is not.

Questions for Jennifer Astle/Jennifer Snyder– To be asked by any District Attorneys wishing to re-try this case or by anyone inclined to believe Astle’s accusations.  These questions should have been asked by law enforcement, but law enforcement wanted Tim in jail more than they wanted to find the truth.  Former Detective Ginger Fittings needed a notch in her belt and she didn’t care how she got it because these questions were never asked.

Presence in the Media

Tim’s Narrative of Pre-Accusation Interactions with Astles–What Tim would have testified to if his trial attorney would have let him take the stand

A New Hope:  Kathleen Zellner takes Tim’s case