Fundraising & ACTION

What can you do?  Three things:

ONE.  The story of what happened to Tim is infuriating, and to get him home is a complicated and expensive path.  The Guilfoy family has put over $250,000 up in attorney fees and associated costs in our efforts.   We continue to prioritize Tim’s legal defense and living expenses in prison as our primary financial obligation.  That amount is the total of our savings, retirement accounts, and home equity loans.  Our wonderful supporters have helped us with direct donations and support at our fundraisers which over the past five years has brought us approximately an additional $40,000.  We heartily thank all who have ever contributed to our cause in any way.  Thank you to all who came to our recent trivia night in February to help us fight our current battle in Nashville.

We are able to take online donations!  Please use the Paypal button to your right.  Alternatively, send a personal check payable to: Patrick Guilfoy, 305 Nelda Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122.  Please put “For Tim” in the memo field.*  The funds you send help us pay Tim’s attorneys, hire private investigators, maintain his office needs (printing, mail, phone), help me travel to Tennessee when needed for his case, and help us keep him nourished with supplemental protein and relatively healthy food.  The gratitude the Guilfoys feel for you in helping us send him money so that he is not indebted to his fellow inmates is incalculable.  When you help us financially with Tim’s needs, we are able to fight this injustice longer, and at this point, that is all the State has–the ability to play the long game.  They can’t play it forever though, and you help us stay strong in that challenge.  Thank you for all you can contribute!

TWO.  Share Tim’s story.  Davidson County hopes that we will go away, that we’ll just accept their corruption and give up.  That will be a cold day in Hell.  They may have counted on us being intimidated, but they’ve already ruined our lives by taking Tim away from us without due process, what else is there?  Share this website with your taxpaying friends in Nashville, TN and let them know what crap is being pulled by the people who spend that money.  If you are or know media that are interested in getting to the bottom of this, please share Tim’s story–we have nothing to hide because we are the ones telling the truth.  We have this website, a facebook page at, and a Twitter handle @FreeGuilfoy.

THREE.  On top of spreading Tim’s story you can call Glenn Funk (615) 255-9595.  He is the District Attorney of Davidson County.  He wasn’t the DA when Tim was convicted, but he was when we tried to go to court for the error coram nobis.  He is responsible for Assistant Prosecutor Roger Moore, who is assigned to Tim’s case.  We do not want anyone to threaten him in any way, but the first amendment allows you to let him know what you think of the loose ethics of his office.  You could let him know that what happened in Tim’s case was not justice.  You could ask him to do the right thing and agree to a new trial for Tim.  If he is so sure that Tim is guilty and that he has sufficient legally admissible evidence to convict him again, then what is he afraid of?  Funk was elected in 2015 on the promise that he would end corruption and restore integrity to the DA’s office.  Conceding to a new trial for Tim would be the perfect opportunity for him to fulfill that campaign promise.  Maybe ask him if he would be okay if he was on trial and secret evidence was shown to a jury in private without his knowledge?  You may think that your voice won’t make a difference, but it will.  If you happen to live in Davidson County, Tennessee, let him know that you don’t vote for DAs that promote unfair trials, and also let him know that your friends and family don’t either.  They already know that they’re dishonest, they just think that no one is paying attention.  Prove them wrong.  Let them know that you’re watching.  You could also call the State Attorney General, Herbert Slattery III, and ask him the same questions.  His office is the entity fighting Tim’s current appeal: (423) 663-4105  Again, please do not make any threats in any form, but let him know that you are paying attention to Tim’s case.

Hundreds of people have come to Tim’s aid, and though our cause is infuriating, we have had LOTS of fun at our past fundraisers.  Please join us in our quest for justice, and have a pretty good time doing it!


Past Fundraisers

July 2012  Garage Sale for Tim:  24 families came together, donating household goods and treasures, to take action against his October 2011 conviction.  We had no idea how big this annual tradition would become.


August 2012  Basket Raffle & Dance:  We rented out a VFW hall in Brentwood, MO for a fun night of dancing and awesome basket raffles, it was a blast!

[acx_slideshow name=”August 2012 Basket Raffle and Dance”]


June 2013  Garage Sale for Tim:  More families contributed this year!  We remember the heat.  Oh the heat.


May 2014  Bowling for Tim:  Our supporters gathered at Epiphany Lanes in South City St. Louis for a afternoon of family bowling and fun.

[acx_slideshow name=”May 2014  Bowling for Tim”]


June 2014  Last Ever Garage Sale for Tim:  Well, the title ended up being inaccurate, but it was even more successful than the year before.  This was the first year that someone told me they keep an eye out for our sale every year because it’s the best in St. Louis.


September 2015  Garage Sale for Tim:  We continued our unfortunate yearly tradition, this time with 32 families contributing.


November 2015  Bowling Party for Tim:  We had a blast this time too!

[acx_slideshow name=”November 2015  Bowling Party for Tim”]


June 2016 Garage Sale for Tim:  This year we had 38 families contribute to our inventory, thank you to everyone who donated and shopped!  Hopefully we won’t have to have another in 2017, but we’ve kind of developed a following.  For the first time this year we had so much stuff I wondered if we had enough yard.

[acx_slideshow name=”June 2016 Garage Sale for Tim”]


October 21, 2016  GALA FOR TIM:  Over 100 of Tim’s supporters came together to have a fancy dinner party and silent auction benefitting Tim and the Guilfoy family.  Lots of fun was had, and in style too!  Thank you all for your support!


*We are not legally eligible for non-profit tax status as Tim is the sole private benefactor of all funds raised.  We are grateful for your generosity.