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I’ll just say at the top here, this is the most important thing I’ve ever written on this site.  It’s not short, but Tim’s life and freedom truly depend on your attention and activism here.  Please read and engage, and ask your friends to as well.  UPDATE: I’m getting reports that going through the entire list with copy & pasting your message is taking less than an hour.  Please keep writing!

Tim is in danger.   We need your action in the form of writing, it will cost you nothing, and inaction may cost Tim his chance at freedom and at worst, his life.  This is not a drill.

At present, the Nashville DA and Tennessee Dept of Corrections (TDOC) are colluding to try to coerce Tim into pleading guilty to new charges in the prison of possession of drugs and child pornography of which there is zero evidence.  Since he is refusing to do so, they are:

  1. Holding him indefinitely in solitary confinement, withholding visits and phone calls to family and lawyers
  2. Holding private interrogations of him where he is bound, physically intimidated, and he and his family are threatened
  3. Denying him his fifth and sixth Amendment rights as well as rightful shower/rec times and religious visits
  4. Giving his mail to other inmates and encouraging them to keep or sell Tim’s mail back to him  (formal USPS complaint made)

WHY are they doing this?  Because in the past two months Tim’s federal habeus corpus case has progressed with the representation of Kathleen Zellner to a point where we can show that the Nashville DA’s office engaged in serious misconduct in the prosecution and appellate processes of this case.  The investigation by the Board of Professional Responsibility has yielded statements from his former lawyer James Martin that show his major conflict of interests in his representation of Tim.  In short, we’re winning the evidence, Nashville knows it, and they are throwing A FIT.

We have many pages here telling the whole story, but it is simply that:

  1. The state of Tennessee is wrongfully upholding the wrongful conviction of an innocent man
  2. They do this to cover for a very poorly run investigation on behalf of a plainly untrustworthy accuser, and
  3. They do this to cover for TN law enforcement and court officers who clearly broke significant laws to secure conviction.
  4. Now, Tennessee is using their entire powers of the state on their constituents’ behalf to physically break this innocent man to avoid coming to account for their blatant and intentional wrongdoing.

Over the past seven years of his incarceration, thousands of people have learned about Tim’s case and decided to stand behind him in support of his release.  I as his sister have attempted several times on my own to get media attention to expose the wrongdoing of the State of Tennessee in fabricating evidence against Tim, aggressively denying his civil trial rights to him, and intentionally misapplying law in his appeals.  When people understand what has been done to Tim, they ask why we haven’t been on 20/20 or Dateline NBC and why the media hasn’t paid attention.  The reasons I’ve come across amount to:

  1. It’s not a murder, where there’s a clear identifiable crime that has been committed.  In Tim’s case there was never an actual crime that happened, Tennessee helped his criminal accusers fabricate a story to secure a conviction.
  2. There are “living victims,” who in this case are the actual perpetrators, and whose former supporters now are willing to testify against them as having made money and secured free housing from falsely accusing Tim of sexual assault.
  3. In this “Me Too” era it has become politically correct for law enforcement to choose the accuser’s side of the situation without investigation which fully happened in this case, but in this case, is wrong and provably so under honest scrutiny.

These reasons are overcome with even a brief investigation of this case, showing that THIS case deserves scrutiny by those with megaphones.  Perhaps the most simple reason media has not paid attention though is that we have not ever rallied the thousands of Tim’s supporters to help us shine the light on this abomination of law and order.  Until now.

Please write media outlets and BEG them to investigate and report on Tim’s story and hold Davidson County and the TDOC to account.  I would ask that each writer identify themselves when applicable, you certainly may ask that any follow-up be directed to me (Kathleen Beyers, [email protected], 816.872.8285).  Each of you has your own personal reason why Tim’s story resonates with you and should be reported to the public, and I hope that above all you can articulate that to these members of the media.

Step 1.  Email the large list of media contacts listed first in the table below, you may certainly copy and paste in a bcc field to get them all at once.  The link at the bottom of this table will direct you to a breakdown of the individual targets, which include local Nashville and St. Louis news outlets, national outlets, and other formats such as newspapers, blogs, and podcasts.

Step 2.  The links in the next tables are not email addresses but will lead you to a form input format and must be visited individually.  Again, a copy and paste of your main message is fine.

HELP WITH WHAT TO SAY:  Following the contact tables are a listing of the most important points and documents in Tim’s case, any and all of which may help you convince a media outlet to investigate Tim’s story.  No matter how many of these you use, the main goal is to get them to come here to investigate.

And last on this page is a sampling of letters and writings Tim, our brother Tony, myself, and our supporter Sue Miller have written to explain to media why it is worth looking into and reporting on Tim’s case.  Each is from the heart, very different, but may spark ideas for you to write in your own letters.

Whatever you write, please do so SOON.  Like TODAY.  Or this week.  Or do three a day until you’ve gone through the list.  Don’t let everyone else do it, Tim needs YOU and your words, now.  This is your chance to make a difference with only reaching into your heart instead of your pocketbook.  TDOC and Nashville powers intend to torture Tim into making admissions to end our chances to finally get him justice.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and we have absolutely nothing to hide.

STEP 1 Media contacts EMAIL LIST

Large email list (copy and paste-able) [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Individual breakdown/more info on this large email list Individual Media from Large List


STEP 2 Individual Form Submissions (Visit each, fill out form, copy and paste your main message where indicated)

Nashville Local Outlets Contact Who
NewsChannel 5 Investigative reporter Phil Williams
The Tennessean (newspaper) Crime and Courts Staff Writers
Nashville Public Radio (NPR)


St. Louis Local Outlets
Fox2 News
NBC Channel 5 News KSDK Choose Department “news tips”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper Choose heading based on your opinion


National Outlets
NBC Investigative Reporter Bill Dedman

(several options for contacting Bill and form at bottom of page)

ABC News (all shows) 
ABC News Investigative Unit Tip Line
CBS News (all shows)
Frontline (PBS)  [email protected]  (an email address, appears not to be working, will update when issue is solved, skip for now)


True Crime Daily Under “Type of Crime” choose other, explain Prosecutorial Misconduct in comments
Investigative Reporters & Editors Choose “Extra Extra Suggestion” in pull-down subject menu where it originally says “General Comment”


In the Dark (form at bottom of page)
Undisclosed (This is the host of the show which specializes in wrongful convictions)
Undisclosed Email address of Colin Miller, contributor to podcast and law professor [email protected]   (in lg email list)


If nothing else, please ask the reporters to investigate Tim’s case for deep and widespread TN government corruption.

Main things to hit:

  • Tim is actually innocent of his convictions, and THIS case of sexual assault is worth examining in depth
  • Tim’s representation for his federal appeal is Kathleen Zellner, famous for the exoneration of Ryan Ferguson in MO among other high-profile cases (Making a Murderer, etc) of actual innocence
  • Tim has thousands of supporters and a website detailing ample proof of corruption 
  • TN Board of Professional Responsibility investigation has yielded proof of wrongdoing by employees of DA Funk 
  • Tim is currently being held in solitary confinement as punishment for his claims of corruption being verified, time is of the essence
  • Your personal reasons for supporting Tim in his fight
Additional subjects to think about/use at your discretion:
  • The accusers had clear monetary reasons to fabricate
  • The accusers had demonstrable giant logic holes in their testimony
  • The accusers testified to solid dates of alleged assault that Tim had solid alibis for
  • The detective from the Clarksville police department prejudged the case, lied in her testimony to a judge to secure a hasty arrest, and did not complete a thorough investigation of both parties
  • The Nashville police department did not even come to trials
  • The prosecutors withheld video evidence from Tim that they covertly modified and made available to the jury off the record to illegally influence their verdict
  • The convicting jury was undecided before the bailiff showed them this off-the-record video during deliberation that was never shown to Tim
  • The judge intentionally misapplied the law that a willing juror could report such illegal activity of his own employee
  • Tim’s appellate attorney Jay Martin broke ethics rules during his representation of Tim which injured Tim’s case
  • TN knows that a third trial will likely end in acquittal and are therefore torturing Tim with further false allegations and solitary confinement while in prison to prolong his suffering
  • TN has used state power to fabricate fraud, forgery, and other assault charges on Tim that have been dropped, to open an FBI investigation of Tim’s parents for child pornography that resulted in no charges, and has now opened another baseless investigation into Tim during his incarceration in order to hold him in solitary indefinitely
  • Affidavit of juror Hilary Hoffman testifying that the jury was shown videos during private deliberations not shown during trial signed jury foreperson affidavit
  • Pre-trial denial of State to Disclose Video evidence eventually secretly shown to jury off the record Denial of Video Discovery to Tim Guilfoy
  • Quotes from jurors regarding video shown to them off the record by bailiff Stephanie Mosley, more information at   Table of Quotes from Jurors regarding Importance of Video  Legal evidence during a trial such as a video must be played into evidence in the public trial courtroom.  To not play them into the record but nevertheless expose their contents to the jury amounts to prosecutorial misconduct on the parts of Sharon Reddick and Roger Moore to not allow discovery, and judicial misconduct on the part of Judge Monte Watkins to allow and cover for his court officer Stephanie Mosley to show it to the jurors off the record.
  • Tim’s Complaint to Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) on James Martin–This is the reason Nashville is trying to break Tim right now, shows conflict of interest of James Martin in representing Tim on appeal while negotiating employment with DA Glenn Funk, Tim’s opponent
  • James Martin response to BPR–shows that he did not follow correct ethical procedures in alerting Tim to his job offer with the DA’s office while representing him and changing his theory of the case without Tim’s knowledge or consent
  • Timothy Guilfoy Response to James Martin through BPR

Sample Emails/Outlines for Reference

My email to the above reporters

Tim Guilfoy letter to reporters  (BPR attachments mentioned listed above)

Tony Guilfoy’s outline of Tim’s case for research references

Sue Miller letter to journalists

Contact information:

Kathleen Beyers; [email protected]; Cell 816.872.8285

The innocent victim of TN’s misused state power:

Timothy Guilfoy, #499702

Northwest Correctional Complex

960 State Rte 212

Tiptonville, TN 38079

Tim’s Federal Representation:

Kathleen Zellner, associate Nick Curran


Tim’s Main website: