Questions for Jennifer Astle/Jennifer Snyder

The following five questions are specifically meant for Jennifer Astle/Jennifer Snyder, the primary accuser and mother of the children who Tim was convicted of abusing.  These are here mainly in case the DA from Davidson or Montgomery Counties takes any steps towards retrying Tim for these charges.  If that audience is listening, you should know that your witnesses’ claims are complete fictions and these questions will help clarify that.  Also, if you know Jennifer, and you have always wondered why her story doesn’t make sense, these are specific questions you can ask her to confirm your suspicion that she and her children fraudulently accused Tim of rape for the sole purpose of obtaining money and free rent.
1.  Why was your testimony about the day your daughters supposedly told you Tim was touching them 100% different than your daughters’ versions of the story?
In this case, just like many other child sex abuse cases, there was no physical evidence and no independent information that could corroborate the allegations.  In all of the girls’ stories it was a he said/she said situation.  However, there is one part of the State’s case that should have been easily corroborated.  This would be the story of how Jennifer found out about the abuse.  If true, all three testimonies about this happening should be at the very least similar.  In this case, they could not have been more different.
First, the two girls testified to roughly the same sequence of events regarding their “disclosure” to their mother.  They both describe standing in the front yard at 7:30am waiting for the school bus to pick them up, when all of a sudden, Jennifer comes out of the house and asks them if Tim ever touched them.
Child 1 testimony:
18 A. Me and [Child 2] were going to go to school. And
19 she — I guess Brian called. And she came outside and
20 asked me and [Child 2] what happened.
p. 37 line 18-20
After the two girls told their mother how Tim was touching them for years, they all cried in the front yard, and then according to the girls, instead of taking them to the hospital, the police, or finding out more about their abuse, Jennifer put her daughters on the bus and they went to school.
Child 2 testimony:
12 She came up to us right before we got on the
13 bus. And she asked us.
21 Q. So you were all crying?
22 A. Yes.
18 And what happened after that?
19 A. My mom just — we got on the bus and went to
20 school.
Sounds like a ridiculous story, right?  Not only was it ridiculous, but it also was completely different from Jennifer’s testimony regarding this moment in history.  Not being in the courtroom during her daughters’ testimonies, Jennifer took the stand and the prosecutor asked her about that morning.
Jennifer Astle testimony:
15 Did either of them, on that morning as they were
16 getting ready for school, say anything to you?
Unequivocally, Jennifer answers:
17 A. No.
p. 219
Jennifer goes onto explain that after the girls went to school, she received a phone call from Brian Schiff, her “father in law.”  Even though it was technically hearsay, she testified that he alluded towards the girls reporting abuse to him.  She then testified that around noon, she picked up her daughters from school herself, and then, on the way home in the car, she claims that’s when they first told her that Tim abused them.  Not only was Jennifer’s story completely different than her daughters’, Jennifer’s testimony actually made it impossible for both her and her daughters to be telling the truth.  Jennifer could be the liar, the girls could be the liars, or most likely, this story never happened and the different stories are due to the fact they didn’t get their stories straight with each other.  Which leads to the question…
Why was your testimony about the day your daughters supposedly told you Tim was touching them 100% different than your daughters’ versions of the story?
Note to prosecutors:  There are no less than four different versions of the disclosure story

2.  Why did Brian Schiff not testify at the second trial?
No matter which version of the disclosure stories you believe (Q.1) they all had one thing in common: Jennifer’s youngest daughter reportedly first told Brian Schiff, Jennifer’s “father-in-law,” about somebody touching her.  Then Brian alerted Jennifer to this report, which is why she claims to have asked her children if anyone abused them.  So you may think, considering the lack of evidence other than verbal testimony, that it would be important for the first adult that learned of the abuse from a child victim to testify.
In Tim’s first trial Brian Schiff did testify.  He was the best witness Tim could hope for.  This is because he contradicted almost every single part of Jennifer and the girls’ testimonies as they related to the disclosure (dates, times, events) and the girls’ lack of fear of Tim.  After interviewing the first trial’s jury (half of whom voted Tim “not guilty” on all charges) we learned that one of the main reasons they voted not guilty was because Brian’s testimony was not logical and created many holes and inconsistencies with the girls’ and Jen’s testimonies.
So how did they fix this for the second trial?  Brian Schiff didn’t testify.  He was present at both trials, was the perfect person to clear up the confusion of Q. 1, but the State did not call him to the stand.  Jennifer and the prosecutors knew that we could bring up Brian’s contradicting testimony of the first trial to impeach his likely testimony of the second trial.  The prosecutor simply inserted via hearsay his apparent role in this story into the girls’ and Jennifer’s testimonies.  The State could not trust him to not blow their narrative again.
Or maybe there’s some other explanation that Jennifer Astle can give of…
Why did Brian Schiff not testify at the second trial?
Note to prosecutors: You should go back and read the last five minutes of Mr. Schiff’s testimony from the July 2011 trial.  You’ll see how he destroyed the State’s case and was too stupid to understand that the prosecutor wanted him to lie.

3.  Why did you, Jennifer, not take your children to the hospital after learning they were raped a few days prior?
No matter what version of Jennifer’s story you may believe, she admitted in trial that she did not take her children to the hospital or any other nurse/doctor/medicine man/emergency care facility upon learning that all three of her daughters had been abused for years with the most recent allegation being on March 16, 2009, less than 72 hours prior.
Jen Astle reported to CPD that the last dates of abuse by Tim included March 16, 2009. Jen says she was alerted to the abuse on March 18, 2009, but did not take her children to a health care facility.

Page 3 excerpt of Jen Astle’s statement to Clarksville Police Department. Jen Astle reported to CPD that the last dates of abuse by Tim included March 16, 2009. Jen says she was alerted to the abuse on March 18, 2009, but did not take her children to a health care facility.

Continuation of Jen Astle's report to CPD that Tim abused girls March 16, 2009.

Continuation of Jen Astle’s report to CPD that Tim abused girls March 16, 2009.

Apparently, this was enough of an emergency to immediately call 911 and get the police involved to issue a restraining order against Tim preventing her eviction, but not serious enough to check on her children’s physical well-being. In fact, the children were not physically checked by anyone until over a month later on April 21 when the police asked if their nurse practitioner could look for any signs of abuse.  Of course, none were found, although the grand jury had already charged Tim by that point.  There was no monetary reason for not taking them to the hospital; not only would that have been covered by the investigation, but all of the children’s healthcare was paid for by the state through TennCare.  It appears Jennifer was only interested in getting Tim in trouble, and not interested in making sure her daughters were not harboring an std, pregnancy, or mutilated genitals.  We can talk about all of her true motivations later, but the question remains…
Why did you, Jennifer, not take your children to the hospital after learning they were raped a few days prior?

I’m Jennifer Snyder Astle, please ask me these questions. You’ll find I’m proud of putting an innocent man in prison for his entire life and making some bank doing it.

4.  Why did you not tell the police that you owed Tim thousands of dollars in rent and were about to be evicted?

As of March 18, 2009 (the day Jennifer called the police), Jennifer owed Tim rent ($700/month) for September 2008, October 2008, November 2008 and part of December 2008.  There was not one mention of this $2975 debt to Tim anywhere in the police report.  Also, Jennifer told Tim on March 11, 2009 that she had paid the first half of rent even though she had not.  She reiterated this point two weeks later on a recorded phone call between her and Tim.


Phone call transcript March 24, 2009, Vol III p. 18 line 20- p. 19 line 3.
The reason Jennifer paid two installments every month was that she received two separate child support checks for $450 each, one at the beginning of the month, and one about the third week of the month.  If you look at the rental bank account, you can see in December, January, and February (the months she did pay) that this pattern was in effect.  You can also see that there was no rent deposit in March, contrary to what Jennifer claimed to the police and in the phone call transcript above.  We have records showing that Jennifer got her first March 2009 child support payment on March 6.  Yet by their in-person conversation on March 11 no rent was paid.  Tim was finally tired of her lies and deceit and told her that day he had to evict her (we have three witnesses who Tim told about the eviction between March 11 and March 24, the day of the recorded phone call).  March 11 was the day Jen began concocting the allegations that would halt Tim in his tracks in collecting the money owed to him or evicting her from the property.
Jen–The money you owed Tim and the money you lied about paying him was clearly a major conflict between you and Tim, but you did not tell the police about these debts when you reported that Tim had abused your children.  You received roughly $1000 in child support for March, April, May, and June, in addition to $350 in food stamps each month.  This was on top of free TennCare for your children, going to charities to receive free clothing, and no truck payment or truck insurance payment.  The only expenses you did have were about $100 in utilities per month, and of course, drugs.  During these four months you paid Tim $0 for rent, while pocketing $4000 in child support.  This was in addition to the $2100 you already owed him for back rent.  That’s called motive.
You hid from the police that you owed money to Tim, that it was a major financial conflict between the two of you, and you lied about money which you did receive but did not use to pay your debts to Tim.  If protecting your daughters was your only concern when you called the police, why would you lie about anything that might jeopardize a clean conviction of whoever allegedly hurt your daughters?  Why did you not tell the police that you owed Tim thousands of dollars in rent and were about to be evicted?


5.  Why didn’t you move your children out of Tim’s house for over three months after you “learned” he had abused them?

 You learned on March 18, 2009 that your daughters were sexually abused by Tim for years, some of which allegedly at the house at which you currently resided that Tim owned.  You went to the police and Tim was arrested on March 25, 2009, coincidentally the day all current and back rent was due to avoid eviction.  Tim bonded out of jail within a few weeks.
What would any mother do in this situation?  She wouldn’t keep her children sleeping in the rooms they were abused in, under the roof that was owned by their abuser.  She would move her children out immediately.  On March 23 and 24, 2009, this is exactly what you told the lead detective and Child Protective Services you were going to do.
Child Protective Services investigation recommend Jen move

Child Protective Services Investigation Report 03/23/09. “CPSI Parker spoke with the mother, Jennifer Astle, concerning the disclosures that the all three of the children made. CPSI Parker explained that the children disclosed digital penetration. CPSI Parker and Detective Fitting discussed alternatives for the family to consider such as counseling and finding a new place to live. Ms. Astle expressed that she no longer wanted to sty in the house and continue to pay the perpetrator rent.”

Here is also a screenshot of the police-monitored phone call Jen made to Tim where after former detective Fittings extracts enough words from Tim to form a “confession,” Jen launches into statements about not paying Tim any more money for rent and possibly moving immediately:

Then, years later, at trial, under oath, you told the jury that you had, in fact, moved out by April of that year, a mere seven days after Tim was arrested.  You even explained where you moved to, and how you got your children to school from across town:
3 Q. You remained at Mr. Guilfoy’s home in
4 Clarksville for the month of March and April and May.
5 And in fact, the girls finished the school year at their
6 school up in Clarksville. Isn’t that right?
7 A. No.
8 Q. They went to another school somewhere else?
9 A. I actually drove them to their school the rest
10 of the school year from across town. We were out by
11 April.
Not only did you say you moved your children out, but you very specifically moved your residence from the house that Tim owned to somewhere across town before April.
There was only one problem with this…it was all complete fiction.
When you were telling this lie on the stand, you had apparently forgotten about an investigator named Chrystal Waltz, who had visited Tim’s rental house in the middle of May 2009.  Not only were you and your children still living there, she in fact interviewed you and your children in the living room of Tim’s house and did not note any sign of you moving from the premises.  In court, when you were reminded of this, you quickly changed your story to match the facts, a skill that you and your children apparently share.
12 Q. Do you recall ever speaking with a woman named
13 Crystal *Waltz, a private investigator from Clarksville,
14 Tennessee?
15 A. Yeah. If I remember her showing up at my house.
16 Q. And she showed up at the house on Lynnwood Drive
17 in Clarksville in the month of May. Isn’t that right?
18 A. I moved in May.
19 Q. So then you were there March and April and some
20 portion of May.
21 A. I just recall moving into my other house in May.
22 I don’t remember the exact date.
P. 252
You left a piece of opened mail in the house dated June 10, 2009 when you left the property.  You were there at least until June 10, 2009:
We also have a neighbor of yours at that time who will testify that your girls were picked up by the school bus in front of 2026 Lintwood through the end of the school year, which was mid-June 2009.  You perjured yourself in court twice on just this one matter.
You and your girls claimed to be scared of Tim (a completely logical response if they were in fact abused by him).  However, for three full months you kept your children in the one place where he had access to them.  You can’t say you didn’t have the money to move them out, and you admitted in court that you had multiple friends that you could go to.  Furthermore, why did you lie about moving them out, not only to the police, but also under oath?…
There is only one explanation why you would keep your children in that house for months:  you knew Tim wasn’t going to hurt them.  How did you know Tim was not going to hurt them?  Because you knew Tim HADN’T hurt them.  How did you know that?  Because YOU were the one that told your children to tell the police that Tim hurt them.  We would love to hear any other explanation for…
Why didn’t you move your children out of Tim’s house for over three months after you “learned” he had abused them?

Jennifer, we would love nothing more than to hear your answers to these questions.  We would immediately publish your answers on the front page of this website if you send them to us.  We have your own words on official transcripts in case you want to try to change your stories yet again.  You got lucky when the worst detective in the world (who is no longer a police officer) decided to trust you and not check up on any of your fabrications.  [Note to prosecutors: click here to read why Ginger Fittings lost her job and can never be a police officer again.]  You got lucky again when a horrible prosecutor (who is no longer a prosecutor) decided that a conviction was more important than the truth or an innocent man’s life.  You got extremely lucky that Tim’s defense lawyer for whatever reason refused to us to ask you any of these questions, or ensure Tim got a fair trial.  We can assure you though, your luck has run out.  You can run from the truth, but it’s catching up with you right now.  Since Tim was convicted, your friends have come to us and turned on you.  Friends who have colluded with you on other schemes in the past, friends that have knowledge about the current scheme you pulled here with Tim, all pained and yet willing to talk.  They can and can’t believe that you went this far, that this scam you started got so out of hand and Tim is being punished so severely for something that exactly zero of your honest friends believe he actually did.  Of course, you can always do the right thing and admit what you did, but anybody who spends over a minute with you knows that it would be extremely unlikely for you to do any right thing at any time.  No matter what you do, Tim’s family, friends, and thousands of people who have never even met him have always and WILL always stand behind him, not just because they know he would never do anything like this, but also because the truth is plain to see, as these questions show.
Also Jen, your troubles may not be over.  As these questions illustrate, you have committed aggravated perjury, filed a false police report, and made false statements to law enforcement during an investigation.  These are all Class C and D felonies, which carry up to fifteen (15) years in prison per charge [§ 39-16-703, § 39-16-707, § 39-16-502].  The only reason that the State hasn’t charged you with these crimes is because they got lucky with Tim’s conviction and they would have to admit he was convicted on perjured testimony if they charged you.  These dynamics will change when Tim gets a new trial.  We will be making sure that the State’s Attorney General is paying attention to any future Astle testimony.  You’ll be disappointed to know that Tim has a new lawyer.  Her name is Kathleen Zellner, and you should Google her.  Unlike Tim’s last trial lawyer, she is not friends with the Nashville DA’s office and has no loyalties to the TN justice system, and the thing she likes most is exposing liars for what they are in open court.  Just so you know, your next testimony will last days, and these five questions are only a small sampling of the grilling you will get.  We can’t wait.
To Glenn Funk, District Attorney of Davidson County, TN:  You were not DA for the litigation or appeal of this case.  You inherited this mess from Sharon Reddick.  We know you’re well aware of her work and her loose application of ethics.  We implore you to demand answers to the questions on this page.  You will find that not only are these people liars, but that their lies display consciousness of guilt.  You campaigned on cleaning up this office and we hope that you will look at Tim’s case as fulfilling your promise.  We want you to know that General Moore has already suborned perjury in this case.  You should ask General Moore why evidence needs to be changed or ignored to secure this conviction.  Count the testimony changes of the accusers and how many times the charges have been changed to reflect those changes.  Tim’s story makes sense, is backed up by independent evidence, and has never changed.  Reddick and Moore were seeking a conviction, not justice.  We know there are responsible prosecutors out there, we’re just waiting for one to get a hold of this case.