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Tim’s Petition for a Writ of Certiorari

New Evidence of Tim’s Innocence from his Accuser

Taylor Astle visits Tim’s Supporter Page, contradict her sworn statement for fifth time

Includes screenshots of Taylor Astle’s deleted comments!

Sixth Circuit Court of Federal Appeals denies Tim’s federal appeal, Zellner and Associates must withdraw from Tim’s case, Tim now acts pro se as his own attorney and files new appeal Jan 2024

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Jan 2024: Tim acts as his own attorney for new appeal

Timothy P. Guilfoy is an actually innocent man serving a 40 year sentence in Tennessee for child sex abuse crimes that never occurred.  He was an entrepreneur who was maliciously ensnared into a State-sponsored witch hunt and deprived of every civil right from that point on:

  • The accuser was renting a house from Tim but was $3,000 in debt for back rent
  • The accuser was going to be evicted on the day Tim was arrested
  • The accuser stayed in the house for another three months without paying any debt or rent
  • The accuser received $14,000 worth of benefits from making the accusation that Tim raped her kids
  • There is no physical evidence of any kind, no DNA or forensic testing was even attempted
  • The police investigation was incomplete and took less than 48 hours from report to arrest
  • The detective on the case did not investigate the rental relationship at all, initially lied that she did
  • The detective adopted immediate tunnel vision that Tim was guilty
  • The detective secretly used the Reid Technique on Tim through a phone call from the accuser
  • The detective misrepresented Tim’s statements on a phone call to a judge to secure an unjust warrant
  • The detective left the force a few years later for photographic proof of improper conduct with a minor
  • The prosecutors enabled the accusers to lie on the stand and hid exculpatory witnesses
  • The children never described grooming, sexual behavior, or consistent details of their abuse by Tim
  • The children said they weren’t and aren’t afraid of Tim, that they liked him and still do
  • The accusations developed by leading questioning were that Tim entered their bed, touched their privates, and that’s it and all they can remember, each time while the small house was brimming with other adults
  • Tim had alibis for dates abuse was alleged with credit card receipts and work records
  • The first jury was unable to come to a verdict
  • The second jury cited secretly shown videos unseen by Tim in the jury room as the reason for their vote to convict
  • The prosecutor resigned during an investigation into her ethical conduct in office
  • The State of Tennessee has been extremely inventive in denying Tim all State appeals
  • Federal Court: Kathleen Zellner has taken Tim’s case for federal habeas corpus appeal.
  • We filed a petition in Judge Monte Watkin’s court for a writ of error coram nobis, exposing that the jury saw videos not entered into evidence.  Read the writ here.  This petition was denied by all Tennessee State courts in August 2018.
  • Ben Perry added as attorney pro hac vice January 2019 for Federal district of Central Tennessee
  • Federal Habeus Corpus submission complete June 2020
  • Next step:  Awaiting response from Federal Judge Eli Richardson
  • For up-to-the minute news on Tim’s case, please read Facebook feed to the right on this page and follow

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