Facebook conversation with Taylor Astle, January 18, 2024

On January 18, 2024, Taylor Astle responded to a heartfelt facebook comment in support of Tim on Tim’s supporter page with a laugh emoji. The author of the comment asked Taylor Astle if it was inadvertent, not knowing that Taylor Astle was Tim’s primary accuser.

What followed over the next three hours was a revealing look into the sadistic mind of Taylor Astle, who chose to out herself as Tim’s accuser and attack his family and supporters. Taylor made the most accusations against Tim, and had the most changing testimonies between trials. These are screenshots of the Jan 18, 2024 conversation, the remains of which (after Taylor deleted all her comments) are still posted here. If you can’t read the images here, click for a larger size.

I apologize for some of the choppiness, I tried to get all of the text but it doesn’t always show everything in order.





“Family over anything”

Like truth, Taylor?

In this exchange, Taylor claims a fifth version of what happened on the day that Jennifer Astle made the police report on Tim. It seems small, but it’s important.

The first story was that Jasmine told a guidance counselor at school, who called Jen. When pressed for the guidance counselor to corroborate this story, there was no guidance counselor to corroborate this story.

The second story, Taylor and her sister’s story on the stand in court, was that they were in the front yard waiting for the school bus when Jen their mom came out and asked them if they had told Brian (their step-grandfather) that Tim touched them. They said yes, they cried, and then the bus came, at which point Jen put the girls on the bus, crying, and they went to school. Then their mom came at noon and took them out of school and they went home and called the police. Jennifer testified that she learned about the abuse allegations of Jasmine’s about Tim from Brian who had first called on March 15th but not told her until the 18th, and then she collected her kids and called 911. Jasmine had told Brian about the abuse on the weekend of March 14-15 when she was visiting him.

Problem was, Brian’s testimony was that he had started calling Jennifer on March 8, ten days before the 911 call to ask if Jasmine had told her anything important, because she had told him that Tim touched her prior to March 8 and Brian thought it “not his place” to tell Jennifer, but allow Jasmine to tell Jennifer. On March 18, 2009 he figured he had waited long enough and called Jennifer mid-morning after the girls had left for school to tell her that Tim had touched Jasmine. Brian was caught in several other inconsistencies and falsehoods during the July trial and the prosecution did not call him for the October trial, although he attended.

The third story was in October, when all of a sudden we have the same story from the girls and Jen, just not with Brian featured at all. Brian was physically present and ready to take the stand, but he was not called to testify in the October trial. Likely because he couldn’t keep the family lie straight. But because none of it actually happened, Jen couldn’t keep it all straight either. But the girls said they told their mom in the morning before the bus came, they all cried, and then the girls went to school on the bus.

Jen’s October story on the stand in court was a fourth version. She had not been asked this question in the July hung trial, but she was asked when the girls told her about Tim touching them. Jennifer testified that the girls waited for and got on the bus to school in the morning like any other day, they didn’t talk about Tim before school. It was mid-morning when she received a phone call from “someone,” the prosecution was very careful to not ask from who.. Jen testified that she picked the girls up at noon and asked them then if Tim touched them and they said yes. Then they went home to call the police.

The girls say the conversation happened in the morning before the bus, and the mom said it happened at noon. Then they went home to call the police. Brian was a character, an important one, and then he wasn’t, because he was a terrible liar. This story should be exactly the same every time told.

On January 18, 2024, Taylor claimed that the two girls never went to school in the morning after telling their mom. Their older sister had already left for school. They went to take the older sister out at noon. This makes this their fifth version of what happened the day they called the police on Tim.

This, a story not regarding the abuse, but regarding the revelation of abuse, should have been one easy narrative where everyone was aligned. It changes every time it’s told, even today. In one version there’s three people in the conversation, in another there’s four. What they all agree on is that they went home to call the police after they were pulled out of school at noon.

More importantly, what kind of person is this, that does this? That expresses their victimhood like this? This is someone who is now an adult and rears a child. Coming on Tim’s supporter page to gloat and taunt and throw out long-debunked accusations from 2009, like that child pornography was found on Tim’s laptop. If that were true, Tim would be in federal prison, and he most certainly is not. The truth doesn’t matter to Taylor Astle, and she knows it doesn’t matter, she can lie and lie and she thinks she’s good at it. The hit of Machiavellian cruelty is just dark triad, 100%.

Taylor Astle, and all the Astles, and anyone who knows or knew the Astles, you’re all welcome to come to Tim’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/FreeTimGuilfoy and make any comment or claim you like. Say anything you want. Astles, show our supporters what pieces of trash you actually are, and how loosely you regard the truth. Friends and/or associates of the Astles, some of you want to talk too. And some of you have. Some of you have told us things you know about the Astles that we appreciate.

Keep talking.