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Articles about this case, including disambiguation (this is NOT the Timothy Guilfoy indicted in Greenwood, IN), debunking of misreporting, and a link to the accuser and her self-incriminating web presence.


If you google “Timothy Guilfoy” or “Tim Guilfoy,” here’s what you might find, and further information to explain its full contexts:

1.  First, apparently there is a Timothy H. Guilfoy who in August of 2014 took a guilty plea of child seduction in Greenwood, Indiana.  This is not the same Timothy Guilfoy.

This website is about Timothy Patrick Guilfoy from St. Louis, MO, convicted in Davidson County, TN.

2.  This link:  Man gets 70 years in Clarksville child rape case*.  This is an article from February 1, 2012, regarding Tim’s original sentence of 70.5 years.

First of all, the title is factually incorrect.  Tim received 70.5 years in the Nashville rape case. This was written while charges were still pending in Clarksville (Montgomery County), which were dismissed in August 2014.  There are not presently and will be no upcoming hearings in Clarksville in the future.

Please also notice that everything in the fourth paragraph are the allegations written by the detective in her first warrant, the one she got from the grand jury with the so-called “confession” that later got thrown out.  Basically she is describing a charge on which Tim was never actually tried.  He admitted none of those things, nor could they prove any of them.

I give this journalist a D-.  Do better.

*As of 9/15/16 this link is no longer valid and the article not publicly available

3.  Topix Now if you want to experience total human trash and see what the mother herself has to say about everything…

This is a page which used to link to an article that was published when Tim was arrested for the first time. The article link does not work, however the comments section became a virtual verbal boxing ring for Tim’s supporters vs. Jen and her supporters.

Highlights:  Jennifer Astle makes a few appearances herself.   Posts 2, 23, 24, 45, 57, 96 are likely her, and my personal favorites are 99 and 101 where she makes pretty clear it’s her and she’s having a gas over all of this.  I’ll just say it’s worth a read through every post.  Also, I’m pretty sure that “RED” or “MEE” is Ginger Fiting (such cryptic monikers, how uninspired): Posts58,  16, 40, 43, 52, 55, 64, 85.

:) Life is good on my side of the world.”–Jennifer Astle, Aug, 18, 2012, Topix Article p. 5

If you come across any other media items regarding this case, please forward them to Katie Beyers at [email protected].  Thank you.